Clearline offers complete job management from design,  to tooling product integration, through manufacturing, and shipping - all under one roof. 


If your need is finishing and plating, or if your needs include start to finish product  management, we have got you covered. Our 40 years of industry experience demonstrates our competency  and commitment, and as a customer you decide your needs and we make those needs  reality.  

We pride ourselves on the quick turn-around that we are able to offer because of the advanced technologies we use. We can assure your product will be finished within 2 weeks, if not sooner. 
Whether you have a project quantity within the single digits or well within the millions, we have the capacity to handle it!
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With over 40 years of experience and computer technology at hand, Clearline Industries can fulfill your finishing and polishing needs in the most cost effective way possible.



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With our in-house tooling, we provide the fastest turnaround times and tooling done right.

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